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yoga pant; the fashion clothes with the secret to good yoga practice

yoga pant; the fashion clothes with the secret to good yoga practice

Yoga pants formerly referred to as Lululemon and made from mostly Nylon densed fabrics are pants specifically designed for Yoga practice.

This pants that one would believe to be patented originally to Lululemon actually came into market in the middle of 1998 for the purpose of yoga practice.

Nowadays, this pant does not only serve the Yoga purpose because many women are now using it an as outdoor wears. The major obvious side of this ladies wear is that it holds firmly to a woman’s body and it can trigger seduction since it reveals the beauty of a woman’s body to the eyes of any observer.


Yoga Pants

yoga pants of many designs and styles


Now not all men and women are attracted to this attire. Some feel disgusted by it and mock the one wearing it instead of applauding such person.

When it is worn with a hanging top, it completely exposes the vagina’s shape because it laps firmly on it. This is one of the reasons why rape increased – seduction.

Types of Yoga Pants:

Many types of yoga pants exist but we will discuss three for emphasis.

They are:

  1. Fare Yoga pants
  2. Loose Yoga pants
  3. Yoga pants Bootcut

Flare Yoga pants

Yoga practice is a mind thing and it requires absolute concentration. Freedom of movement is key here.

This also means that one’s movement during yoga practice must not be hindered if the desired trance effect and connection is to be achieved.


Yoga Pants

pictures of flare yoga pants


In this case, a flare yoga pant is the most suitable because it allows space between the body and the cloths. This type of yoga pant cannot limit movement in any way.

Simply put, flare yoga pants allows one the space to make some certain extreme movements without it getting in the way.


Loose Yoga pants

Loose yoga pants serve the same purpose as flare yoga pants except that it serves it in a higher capacity because it allows more space for one to move the body during yoga practice without worries.


Yoga Pants

loose yoga pants


The lady with this type of yoga pants swims in it. It looks like a palazzo in a way.


Yoga pants Bootcut

As the name implies, bootcut refers to clothes or better still trousers that its length end exactly at the ankle.

When it comes to Yoga pants bootcut, we are referring to pants that cut at the ankle such that the flipped end will rest on a boot if someone were to wear a boot.


Yoga pants bootcut

Below are some example.


Yoga pants walmart

This would have been easy to direct someone to if this where to be 1998 because Lululemon was in absolute charged.

All the same, many good brands have come up too which made purchase to be far easier.

All one need to do is to visit any departmental stores, shopping mall, supermarket or even online stores and place your order.


Yoga Pants targets

The primary yoga pants targets are those that do yoga practices. Besides these primary targets, some are wearing Yoga Pants as outfit attire and beauty.

Like we wrote earlier, the usage of yoga pants as outdoor attire is strictly based on choice rather than its original purpose of existence.

You should know that where choice is an option; the free world law applies.


What are the best Yoga pants?

The only parameter that a can be used to determine the best Yoga Pant is:

  1. Strength of materials
  2. Durability
  3. The pants’ inclination when set to purpose.

If yoga pant is made with a weak material, it won’t last and once the durability is in doubt, purchase will be reduced because it will certainly disappoint when it is called to serve the yoga purpose.


What is the difference between Yoga pants and leggings?

There is no major difference between Yoga pants and leggings when it comes to:

  1. Purpose
  2. Other usages

The reason for this is that both can be used for Yoga practice and still get the desired result. The two can be used for outdoor activities too.

The only physical differences between the two are:

  1. Yoga Pants comes in various varieties like flare Yoga pants, Loose Yoga Pants and Yoga pants bootcut but leggings is always leggings. It is tight all through and gives no allowance.


loose yoga pant


2. Leggings always have a foot hold while yoga pants don’t have that.


What do you wear with Yoga pants?

This aspect is guided by choice. Where people are carefree then any combination can go but when the following are to be considered:

  1. Moral
  2. Moderate fashion outlook
  3. Corporate Outlook
  4. Complete and flawless beauty.

The choice of what one must wear with Yoga Pant has to be seriously vetted.

flare yoga pants worn with tops and high hill cover shoe


The most important part to be considered here is the shirts and the tops to be worn with yoga pants. It must go beyond the waist line by at least 3 inches

The reason is for the shape of the vagina not to be revealed.


Should yoga pants be tight?

The answer is NO considering that we have the following types of yoga Pants:

  1. flare Yoga pants,
  2. Loose Yoga Pants and
  3. Yoga pants bootcut

See the picture under these passes above.

Flare Yoga pants and Loose Yoga Pant are not tight Yoga Pants. What determines the tightness is purpose. Anything that does not contends with the purpose of producing a yoga pant is very secondary.


What kind of shoes do you wear with yoga pants?

During yoga practice, the following are preferable

  1. Bare foot
  2. Canvass
  3. Sneakers
  4. Trainers
  5. Knock about

For outdoor attires, all the above are ok except bare foot.


What are the most comfortable yoga pants?

Flare yoga pants and loose Yoga pants are considered as the most comfortable Yoga pants because it gives allowance and it does not limit movement during practice.

It increases concentration by decreasing environmental distractions.


Does shirt goes with Yoga pants

Yes! Shirt goes with Yoga pants but it must go beyond the waist line by at least 3 inches so that the shape of the vagina must not be revealed especially when it is being used as outdoor attire.


How do you style Yoga pants?

This is simple. The first question is what do you want?

When this is identifies, then communicate it to your designer and your stylist who will take your measurements based on this.

If you have the knowledge of designing and styling too then it makes it a lot easier since you are the custodian of all your desires.



Yoga pant serves a good purpose in its use. Please as a lady, do not abuse it because abused fashion only brings insults to you and to women.

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