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Women Empowerment; its meaning, challenges and benefits to a nation

Women Empowerment; its meaning, challenges and benefits to a nation

Women Empowerment; its meaning, challenges and benefits to a nation

Women Empowerment – has gotten many misconceptions which make its mere utterance to be seen as a taboo before many.

Men, at home, see it as a challenge to their title as the head. In politics, the women are seen as unnecessary involvements while in business they are seen as a disturbance.

In this topic, we will be leading you into knowing the following:

  1. The real meaning of women empowerment.
  2. The challenges of Women Empowerment
  3. The benefits of women empowerment to a nation.

Before we go further into this, a definition of Women Empowerment will be very necessary.


Women Empowerment – Setting the pace for relevance


What do you mean by Women Empowerment?

Women Empowerment is simply the act and the art of adding value to the Domestic, Academic/Educational, financial, political and Economic worth of a woman for herself benefits and the benefit of the nation.

This leads us to the question below:


What are the 5 types of empowerment?

The major points raised in the definition of women empowerment are:

  1. Adding Domestic Value Empowerment
  2. Adding Academic/Educational Value Empowerment
  3. Adding  Financial/Economic Value Empowerment
  4. Adding Political Value Empowerment
  5. Social/Psychological Empowerment

Domestic Value Empowerment:

This refers to the accordance of the desired domestic privileges, respects and right the woman has as a wife, and a mother.

In this the husband is expected to observe the principle of Gender Equality by shunning any form of Gender Inequality.

When Gender Equality is well practiced, respect will never be gone in such domestic setting.

Women Empowerment through the accordance of domestic value to women also includes the following:

  1. Considering a woman, especially those that couldn’t and those that didn’t get married, worthy to get a share in the sharing of her late father’s property.
  2. Support Anti FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and shun Domestic Violence.
  3. Having a strong belief and confidence in the wife he married and in the daughter she bore to him.

Shun Gender Inequality for Women Empowerment to thrive.


Academic/Educational Value Empowerment:

Academic/Educational Value Empowerment is the act of setting the academic foundation of a woman right such that she will be eligible for such requirements of the society.

In the academic value both the government; the man and religious bodies have a great deal of work to do here.


  1. Government must make academic for women free of charge and a must for women.
  2. Government must make it a law that any woman must have a minimum academic standard of Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
  3. Government must encourage women to read more by ensuring that employment is made 50/50 between male and female gender.

The Man:

  1. The man (the father, the husband and the brother) must behold the woman (Wives, Daughters and sisters) with the eye of value.
  2. This is where woman empowerment starts from. You cannot give a good thing to someone you don’t consider worthy of such good thing.
  3. The man (the father, the husband and the brother) must not be gender biased. All gender must be one and same before him
  4. The man (the father, the husband and the brother) must make academic a must for all the genders of his house – same school, same quality and same standard.
  5. The man (the father, the husband and the brother) must not consider the women as a commodity to be sold for dowry. He must learn from Tererai Trent’s history

The Religious Bodies:

  1. The religious bodies must include Women Empowerment in their annual calendar since they serve as a great moral agent and instructor.
  2. The must make available in their preaching that woman complements a man more only when she is equipped to do so.
  3. Woman empowerment through education is a sure mean of getting a woman to compliment a man.


Financial/Economic Value Empowerment:

Financial/Economic Value Empowerment is the act of setting up the financial/economic foundation of a woman such that she will be financially independent and contribute to national development.

There is no argument on the fact that the economy of most nations is masculine based because women does not have the financial muscle to make an impact.

The global system knows about this so hence the invention of We – Fi by World bank..

The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives is a program designed to lift the financial gender barriers that hinder women from excelling as expected in the today’s world business.

Analysis revealed that the global Gender Based Contribution to the GDP of virtually all the developing country did not record any significant growth rather it dropped.

According to WHO, life expectancy in most developing nations dropped. Nigeria is quoted to be currently at 45%.

The gender based contribution to GDP in Nigeria dropped too because most of our active business men die in one accident/Incident or the other.

The only thing that could have augmented the shortfall is the female gender based contribution but this too is not efficient due to various neglects and gender inequality.

This does not only affect Nigeria or these other developing nations but it affects the entire world hence the reason for The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives We-Fi.

While talking on The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said that.

We know that everyone benefits when women have the resources they need to fully participate in economies and societies,” 

“By harnessing the public and private sector, We-Fi creates an unprecedented opportunity to maximize financing for women entrepreneurs in developing countries, so that they have a real and fair chance to start and run businesses, create wealth, share in prosperity, and achieve their highest aspirations.”

Priya Basu, head of the We-Fi Secretariat at the World Bank has this to added to the position of World Bank Group President above, 

The response from stakeholders in both emerging and advanced markets has been enthusiastic and immediate, clearly demonstrating the urgent need to scale up efforts to help women entrepreneurs in developing countries,” 

“We-Fi fills a critically important gap; it’s the first significant fund committed to tackling the full range of barriers facing women entrepreneurs across the developing world.”

In parts the communique of The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives states that,

The first round includes funding for proposals from the Islamic Development Bank to complement and expand successful initiatives in Yemen, Mali and Nigeria;

“the Asian Development Bank to improve the business environment for women in Sri Lanka; and the World Bank Group for global, regional and country specific activities to increase public and private sector support for women in business, with a focus on the poorest and most fragile environments”

… In addition, fifty-eight percent of the first allocations will go to IDA countries or states affected by fragility, conflict or violence, putting We-Fi on track to exceed its commitment to devote half its portfolio to those areas.”

Currently, the sum of $340,000.00 has been donated by various countries for The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives of which Canada pledges $20m for Women Entrepreneurship program.

With the inclusion of Asia many are expecting the emerging lessons on the women’s entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific.

The first Family of the United State of America is not excluded in this pursuit of The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives though in different capacities and from different directions.

For instance Trump pledged $50 million to new fund for women entrepreneurs to The World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiatives in his capacity as the President of the United States of America.

Meanwhile his daughter, Ivanka Trump, donated a $2,195 floral-checked wool-blend blazer and a matching $895 pencil skirt with a front slit by Altuzarra

Considering the position above we will commend the position of the World Bank on women.

The question is, did Central Bank of Nigeria, get the fair share of We-Fi meant for Nigerian Women?

If they did then how was it implemented?

In our next Post, we will review Central Bank of Nigeria’s reaction to The World Bank We-Fi program.

In the absences of the global Government and the National Government contribution, the man (the father, the husband and the brother) must invest financial in his (Wife, Mother and Sister).

This could be setting up a small business for them and thereby making them to be financially independent.

woman empowerment

Woman Empowerment – She is just like except you are not see it.


Political Value Empowerment:

On 25th of May 2018, a delegation of Nigerian female lawmakers led by Mrs. Elizabeth Ative meet with the president of Nigeria – Muhammadu Buhari on the above subject – Nigeria General Election and the Hope for Nigerian Women.

According to National gender policy bench mark which advocates 35% minimum representation for women, Mrs. Elizabeth Ative demanded for the following from the president:

  • That the position of Vice President be made available for women come 2019 in his administration.
  • That Mr. President should make it compulsory that one out of every three senators produced by each state of the federation should be a woman.
  • That Mr. President should make it compulsory that one out of every seven House of Representatives produced by each state of the federation should be a woman.

At that same time, Mr. President Jocularly answered that:

  • The first request of the delegation threatens the seat of the Vice President – Prof. Yemi Osibanjo…that this threat will definitely be communicated to him.
  • On number two and three, the President answered that he does not have absolute power to make that happen, however he told them that their plea has been noted.

Women can come into power through two means:

  1. Through pleas like the above so that they can be voted into power during election but this has never worked well for women because women are seen as a gender misfit to political offices.
  2. By utilizing their numbers since statistics have proven that they are higher in number that men.
  3. By forming a formidable union since lack of unionism is the major cause of disunity and lack of focus amongst women during election. Women empowerment starts with women empowering themselves first.
  4. Finally the man (the father, the husband and the brother) should support the political moves of his (Wife, Mother and Sister) – the eligible ones. This gives women courage to do more.

Africa is not the only continent where women empowerment is needed. Asia countries like India has a big work to do in regard of that too hence the question:


What is the importance of women’s empowerment in India?

Countries like is India has a great population of which the number of women is more that the number of men.

These women are not empowered. In fact the empowerment of women in India has not reached its expected average bench mark due to the following:

  1. India is a religious nation with Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and many other religions forming the major religious front line in the nation. This religious cages women to a large extent with its teaching. The teachings enforce mental slavery where women accept inactive state as their fate.
  2. The cultural and the religion of India have the same face. Despite the importance and values attached to the culture and religion of India, the two place women far beyond men. The two also make women to believe that they are inferior to men.
  3. Women are seen as virtuous in India if they don’t talk when their husbands are talking and when they are happy even in pains. This is the work of Indian’s Religion and Culture.

In view of this, how can a woman rise in India? What hope dies woman empowerment has in India?

Well the practice has changed the face of woman empowerment from what it used to be to something more acceptable.

Zee World has a lot to prove on this since women act now with freedom than fear.

With the population of India, the GDP of the country will triple if women are empowered.

This means that what men cannot achieve, women will achieve it double.

In India of today women are emerging stronger everyday and their emergence always defines purpose.

This is the importance of Woman Empowerment in India.

We expect all women empowerment drive in all nations of the world; not only in India /Asia or Nigeria/Africa.


Why is empowerment so important?

The question is which man can achieve a bumper harvest by working with one hand only?

In the same way a nation and a family that neglects the potential of women only achieve half or less of its expectation.

The answer to the question why is empowerment so important is that it make a nation to run at its full human capital and resources.

It turns up maximum yield and it increases the Nations GDP

Women Empowerment

Woman Empowerment – Say No to Gender War


FAQ 1:

What role do women play in food security?

The answer to the question what role do women play in food security is many.

This is deduced from the fact that out of ten children born in a day six to seven of them are girls while the rest are boys.

In any collection of both genders, the numbers of women are always more.

This means that women are more in number that men in any gender collection sample.

  • By this, the first role women play is that women present the highest number of gender based work force for the tilling of land and cultivation of the farm land.
  • Women in general are better in the preservation of finished product (either company based or farm produce).
  • This is why the stores of the house and the kitchen are managed by women.
  • Women are the first to raise alarm on the shortfall of food in the house because them mediate between the hungry ones and the food to be eaten.
  • Women ensure that food wastage is eradicated completely in the house.


FAQ 2:

How can we empower women?

Below are the answers to the question how can we empower women?:

The following must be adequately provided if women are to be empowered in general and rural women in particular.

Land Ownership / Allotment issue:

The rural women must be given lands to given lands to cultivate. This can be achieved though the joint government and community initiatives.

Those who do not have land should be able to rent from those that have land but does not want to farm it.


Lack of Basic Electrical Supply:

Adequate power supply must be given to the rural area for them to power their industrial and agricultural machines.

This will increase their output and turnaround time.


Increased Operation cost:

The government, the international organizations, the multinationals and NGO must ensure these rural women are helped to achieve their aim.

They can do this through grant, loans and donations.

This will reduce the effect of the weight of Operating Cost on the rural women.

All illegal deductions and taxes on the rural women must be stopped.


Lack of Health Amenities:

The rural women must be given basic health amenities.

The work load on them and their environment often makes their environment to be diseased prone.

When this happen work force is reduced and output is equally affected.

When basic health amenities are available, sick rural women are treated with ease.


Gender imbalance in the current job employment:

Gender equality must be the basis of all employment each time any office wishes to employ.

Employers of labor must know that what a man can do, a woman can equally do.

The gap between the ability of a man and that of woman is determination and belief.


Inferiority Complex:

A woman must know that her making as a woman is not a curse neither is it a mistake.

A woman must be proud of who she is always.

Through this she will be able to define herself in the world of men.



We are advocating that the government must make it compulsory that all women must have a basic academic enrollment.

This is because education has proven that women are intellectual giants too.

With the above points, rural women empowerment is guaranteed.


FAQ 3:

How can I empower my wife?

Below are the answers to the questions how can I empower my wife?

  • Introduce the principle of equality in your lives.
  • Make her understand that she was not created from your foot which means that you won’t trample upon her.
  • Make her understand that she was not created from your head either which means that she won’t trample upon you.
  • Make her understand that she was created from your which means that both of you are to work and walk side by side always to make the end meet
  • The above facts will take away inferiority complex and set her up with positive mindset.
  • Avoid harsh talks against her backdrops and failures in her economic ventures.
  • Always support her with smiles, money and love.

With this a man will definitely empower his wife.



A nation that excludes women from it revolution will end up operating on half of its strength.

Empower a woman today and be convinced by the turn out of such empowerment.

Please inbox us with your comments and opinion on this topic. It helps us to drive this box in the right direction.

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