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Pregnancy in Women – See how to reduce mortality rate in Nigeria & India

Pregnancy in Women – See how to reduce mortality rate in Nigeria & India

Pregnancy in Women -is an RTWI initiative to further educate our women on the need to know about pregnancy.

Bearing in mind that we shall one day blog this topic, we considered it very necessary to first blog the topic below:

Menstruation Cycle in Women– the Chronicles of the cycles within a cycle.

RTWI followed this path because we know that the later clarifies the former.

In reality the Menstrual Cycle is the guarantee for Pregnancy in Women to occur.

From our position on our topic – Menstrual Cycle in Women – we maintained that once there is no fertilization at the end of the Cycle, the lining crumbles away and mixes with blood.

These two now flow out together via the vagina as menstrual flow.

This means that since there is not fertilization, there will certainly be no pregnancy.


What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy otherwise called Gestation is the defined as the period from formation of zygote(s) due to the fertilization of the egg by the sperm cell which eventually become the embryo / fetus deliverable after 9 months.

Pregnancy is not without symptoms and complications.

This takes us to:

Symptoms of pregnancy:

The major symptoms of pregnancy are:

  1. Seizure of Menstruation Cycle
  2. Early morning dizziness.
  3. Vomiting
  4. Loss of appetite or increased appetite as the case may be.
  5. Tender breast.


Complications of pregnancy:

Complications of pregnancy refers to the odds of pregnancy which include:

  1. Obstetrics Hemorrhage
  2. Ectopic Pregnancy
  3. Abortions
  4. Eclampia (Toxemia) due to high blood pressure
  5. Miscarriages
  6. Obstructions due to Fibroid.


Pregnancy in Women – The Conception Theory

At the peak of Ovulation the following happens:



Due to the rising blood levels caused by increased estrogen levels, the hypothalamus receives a “Feedback Effect”, which caused the reduction of the FSH – releasing Hormone.

This triggers the release of another hormone called the LH – releasing hormone.

The LH – releasing hormone is carried down from the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary Gland where it causes specialized cells to produce a substance known as Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

This hormone is responsible for the bursting of the egg follicle and the egg therein released.

When this follicle is busted and the egg released, the egg is then exposed for fertilization.

The release of a healthy sperm during sex within this period will lead to fertilization of the egg.

The above narrative fully describes the theory of conception in a layman’s language.

Once fertilization occurs, Menstrual Cycle ceases until the period of conception elapses.


This now leads us to the question:


How can I tell if Im Pregnant after 1 week?

The truth is that pregnancy test after 1 week could be deceitful but it does not mean valid results cannot be gotten

Below are the ways one can confirm Pregnancy after 1 week:

  1. Performing Pregnancy test with Urine and blood as the case may be.
  2. Using a high resolution Ultra Sound machine which can detect fetal movement in a week.
  3. Checking out the manifestation of Pregnancy Symptoms which includes

Symptoms of pregnancy:

The major symptoms of pregnancy are:

  1. Seizure of Menstruation Cycle
  2. Early morning dizziness.
  3. Vomiting
  4. Loss of appetite or increased appetite as the case may be.
  5. Tender and breast.
  6. Headaches.
  7. Finally Cramps and Stomach aches.



The fertilization of the egg can result to the conception of either a male child or a Girl child.

Billings’s method is a method that teaches the following:

  1. Child Sex selection for those that preferred a particular sex to the other in a pregnancy.
  2. For Sex time management for those that wants to be having sex without any form     contraceptives and still not risking getting pregnant.

Billings Method has a big role to play on the subject pregnancy in Women as far as the above two points are concerned.

We are concerned with No1 on the topic Pregnancy in Women.


Billings Method of Boy Child Selection

From the teachings of Billings Method, when a man ejaculates during sex, the male producing sperm (XX) moves a high speed to the ovary through the fallopian tube.

This high speed enables it to get to the egg before the female producing Sperm (XY) despite the fact that the two were released at the same time.

According to Billings Method as it concerns Pregnancy in Women, sex during the time the egg is released results to a Baby Boy.

The summary of this is that the man must have sex with the wife on the peak date or between 12 hours to 24 hours before the peak date.


Pregnancy in Women– Billings Method of Girl Child Selection

When a man has sex with the wife at about 5 days to the pick period or more, the above scenario is repeated.

From the teachings of Billings Method, when a man ejaculates during sex, the male producing sperm (XX) moves a high speed to the ovary through the fallopian tube

This high speed enables it to get to the egg before the female producing Sperm (XY) despite the fact that the two were released at the same time.

At the time the egg has not been released and the male producing Sperm is already at the Ovary waiting for the egg.

After two day or more even less, the male producing sperm will die off because it has burnt a lot of energy travelling to the Ovary at such a high speed.

The female Producing sperm will be coming slowly afterwards with minimal energy which makes it to last longer that the male producing sperm.

Most often the female producing sperm arrives on the ovulation day or few hours to ovulation.

This fertilization leads to the birth of a Girl Child in Pregnancy in women.


The Following sings will also aid to confirm that you are going to have a baby Boy:

  1. Check the heart beat, if it is usually averagely 140, them it is a possibly a baby boy.
  2. Do the ultra sound test and check for the Penis. This is a sure confirmation for a 6 months old fetus and above.
  3. Food consumption rate can help since it is believed that the metabolism rate of a male child is higher than that of the girl child.

Determining the Peak Period.

Pregnancy in Women occurs at the Peak periods only because that is when the egg is released.

The determination of the sex of the baby, according to Billings method, depends on whether the sperm was release on the date the egg was released or some days before the egg was released.

Below are the Signs of Peak Period:

  1. Discharge of clear cervical mucus similar to egg white
  2. Increased sexual libido
  3. Pains at the lower abdomen.
  4. There will be high level of some certain hormones like Estrogen and luteinizing releasing Hormone.
  5. There will be evidence of broken follicle when viewed under special ultrasound machine.

This brings to an end the conception theory on the topic Pregnancy in Women but the conception theory won’t be complete without the discussion of Ectopic Pregnancy.



Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the fetus implants itself outside the womb with Fallopian tube being the most likely place of implant.

pregnancy in women

Because this type of pregnancy occurs mostly in the fallopian tube, it is also called tubal pregnancy.

The following are the known causes of Ectopic Pregnancy:

The Blockage of the fallopian tube due to infection or inflammation.

Pelvic or tube adhesions due to previous surgery in these areas.

Obstruction of the egg movement in the fallopian tube due to Scar tissue from previous infections or surgical activities on the tube.

Pregnancy in Women within the age of 35 – 44 years

When there is a known history between the person and Ectopic pregnancy

When there is a known pelvic disease history like Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID).

When there is a known history of induced abortions in person concerned.


The difficult and confusing thing about ectopic pregnancy is that it also displays signs and symptoms of normal pregnancy.

Bleeding that empties itself into the womb.

Interior abdominal itching due to the accumulation of the blood in the womb

The discharge of such blood via the vagina as though one is passing through menstruation.

Abdominal pains mostly in upper abdomen area and the pelvic area.

Weakness and fainting symptoms cum signs.

Finally the rupturing of the fallopian tube if these early signs are ignored. This is usually fatal.



There could be many ways of diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy in Women but one means is very simple, straight and forward.

Let the doctor do a thorough scan with the Ultra Sound Machine designed fir this level of diagnosis.

This requires high level precision Ultra Sound equipment.

This will detect the following:

  • The position of the Baby
  • The heartbeat of the baby
  • Establish the existence of ectopic pregnancy in women by the above to.
  • Establish level of damage if there is any.

There are other forms of diagnosis but this gives direct real time analysis of the situation thereby giving the doctor the nest line to follow.

When the above does not speak volume or silent on the situation, the other methods can then be applied.



RTWI has consulted far and wide and we came to two conclusions by Female Medical experts (Gynecologists). The concluded as follows:

RTWI has this to say from what we have seen as it concerns Ectopic pregnancy in Women.

Whatever treatment the concerned woman is receiving when the fallopian tube has not ruptured must be constantly monitored.

The Female Medical experts (Gynecologists) must be sure he / she is up to the knowledge desired to avoid complications.

When the fallopian tube has ruptured, Female Medical experts (Gynecologists) may use laparoscopy or Laparotomy where Laparoscopy is difficult.

This is adopted to surgically remove the affected fallopian tube and the fetus.


What should you do in early stages of pregnancy?

Pregnancy in Women  is a simple complicated thing that requires close monitoring by Gynecologists.

This check is a routine periodic medical examination by a Gynecologist.

A woman, whose pregnancy has been confirmed by a Pregnancy Test should start with:



By definition, Antenatal is a routine periodic medical examination by a Gynecologist to ascertain the health state of the mother and child from conception to child birth.

From the above definition the answer to the question when to start Antenatal is when one ceases to see one’s menstrual flow after an unprotected sex.

For this to be possible, the Pregnant must register for Antenatal with a qualified Gynecologist.

Antenatal is a must for all pregnant women because it is through it that you can know if your Pregnancy is healthy or not.

This answers the question how do I know my pregnancy is healthy?


Do and don’ts for pregnant?

Pregnancy in Women comes with a lot of discomforts. This discomforts could be physical, psychological or both at the same time.

This causes manifestations which does not only lead pregnant women into some ugly practices rather it makes to shun some good practices too.

The Dont’s for Pregnant

  • Alcoholism: Alcohol intake is a bad practice for a pregnant woman. This leads to the delivery of small stature babies – a problem known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This makes the baby to be mentally retarded and develop some features too. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome happens when the pregnant woman drinks 6 bottles of alcohol per day.

pregnancy in women


  • Depression: Loneliness does not suit a pregnant woman. As an intended mother, please take of this. When a pregnant woman becomes too lonely and lacks the desired care depression may set in. RTWI advised that counsel be sought immediately when this is noticed.

pregnancy in women


  • Avoid Stress:

Stress causes unease to both the mother and the baby. This could lead to miscarriages and Eclampia (Toxemia)

  • Consumption of Fatty foods:

This is very bad because it cause the baby to grow fat which leads to difficulties during delivery.

This cause the doctors to give the women tears so that the fetus can be delivered without harm1


The Do’s for Pregnant:

  1. Fight Loss of appetite: Most often, women loss appetite. This makes them to lack in major food intake they are suppose to be taking. Anaemia is usually detected which lack of Iron in the blood. To heal this, women are advised to take iron rich foods to balance the odds
  2. Avoid Loneliness: This will aid reduce the stress of Pregnancy and fight of depression too.
  3. Keep tabs with your gynecologist.
  4. Taking your routing drugs.



Child delivery is 9 months from date of last menstruation plus or minus two weeks.

With antenatal records, the degree of work that a pregnancy requires during child birth will be determined.

For women whose antenatal records proved that they had no complications, child birth is often a simple experience for them.

A woman whose antenatal records read danger then the medical team often prepare ahead of time in wait for the day.

The worst case scenario is the Cesarean Operation where the baby is delivered through surgery.

From the first day of Antenatal, a woman’s Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) is determined.

The Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) of a pregnant woman is usually 9 months from the date of last Menstruation Cycle plus or minus two weeks.

Normally Child Labor sets in exactly within this date range.

The pregnant woman must be conscious of the following:

  • Proximity to the Hospital.
  • Availability of all items listed for the child birth at least a month to the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD).
  • A very good means of transportation to the hospital.


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