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love poems – stream of love messages and I love you quotes from heart

love poems – stream of love messages and I love you quotes from heart

love poems are organized lyrics of love using love words, love messages and love languages often blended with a refined rhythm to form a perfect sound of music  solely designed to inflame the heart with the fires of love affection and personified show of concern.

Love is divine, love is magical, love can heal, love can create, and love can call into existence that which is not there.

When love lyrics are blended with a soul lifting rhythm, then a psalm will be formed.

For one to be able to understand the concept of love poems, a definition of love and the concept of the types of love will be discussed.


love poems

Simple love poems


Love meaning:

Love (love meaning), simply put, is defined as packs of positive emotional feelings that is real (can be witnessed) and lives in one which is either meant for a divine being (God), self, another person (Family, Friends, fiancé, wife and kids), thing(s) or a nation.

Love is a position that can be better defined by practices than nice theory, beautiful preaching and sermons.


Types of Love:

  1. Erotic love or Romantic Love (Eros)
  2. Affectionate Love (Philia)
  3. Obsessive Love (Mania)
  4. Familiar Love (Storge)
  5. Selfish Love (Philautia)
  6. Enduring Love (Pragma)
  7. Play Love (Ludus)
  8. Agape love (Unconditional / Godly Love)



Erotic love or Romantic Love (Eros)

This is love that depends on sexual and sensual feelings to exist. It comes up basically when one sees one and lusts over such person.

This brings up the desire to kiss, romance and demand sex as the case may be.

This class of love is the most practiced type of love universally and it covers about 69% of the love practices my men.

Scripturally, erotic love or romantic love is a sin and it brings a reproach to someone who dies in such life without repentance.

Apart from this, it bring on people its consequence too because when sexual desires leads, the head give away for the heart to rule.

This means that reasoning and common sense will reduce and doors will then be opened to mistakes like:

  1. Unwanted pregnancy,
  2. Abortion,
  3. Regrets,
  4. Abuse of love,
  5. Taking undue advantage of one and
  6. Death in most cases.

The above answers the question of what are the characteristics of romantic love and from the above once can see the answer to the question can romantic love last forever?

From experience, romantic love has never lasted forever because it is built on temporary things and vanities.

It is worthy of note that romance is part of love but we promote it for couples only so that the consequences of romance which includes sex and pregnancies can be well managed.

The above is for the people that ask the question is romance part of love?

Affectionate Love or Compassionate Love (Philia)

In giving answer to the question of what is the meaning of affectionate love; we define it as a love shown when someone is showing a great sense of care to someone because of his or her desires to be with the person.

This is better defined as act of loving someone in other to occupy the love space in the person’s heart.

The one who shows this great affection is termed an affectionate person hence the provision of an answer to the question what is the meaning of affectionate person?

Many people misplace affection with love itself hence the question is affection the same as love?

Affection is a subset of love. Many call it the first step in love because it is the part of love where care is well demonstrated with inner desire to own something or someone.

Obsessive Love (Mania)

This is also known as possessive love where one’s love for another becomes a strong hold and as such; love is practiced as though the emotion one feels gives such a person the right to enforce love on the person.

This is caused by some kind of (what causes obsessive love?):

  1. Mental illness,
  2. Phobia of many fronts which include phobia for failure,
  3. Psychological issues and
  4. Wrong life philosophies.

This is type of love is very dangerous and must be avoided because it sees hurting at times as love expression. This answers the question is obsessive love dangerous?

You can know one who is exhibiting Obsessive love through the following symptoms:

  1. The person is unnecessarily jealous.
  2. The person is easily provoked by unnecessary things and minor things
  3. The person always searches through personal and private things of the spouse like phones.
  4. The person enforces one’s self always such the relationship always feel the weight of his or her presence.
  5. The persons feel inferior to any opposite sex that approaches the partner.
  6. The person in a simple term behaves like a sociopath.

This answers the question what are the symptoms of obsessive love disorder?


Familiar Love (Storge)

Without wasting much time, this is the love that exists between that exist in a family line like”

  1. The love of a father for his daughter
  2. The love of a father for his son
  3. The love of a mother for her daughter
  4. The love of a mother for her son
  5. Love between father and mother…and so on.

One thing one must know is that this love is more concerned on that thing which makes them family.

Selfish Love (Philautia)

This is when one uses love, love messages, love languages and love quotes to make personal gains without considering the partner.

Selfish love only thinks about oneself which makes them willing to manipulate the emotion, belief and loves base of their partners with fake love to win the moment for their selfish gains.

Love should be selfless and not selfish and the answer to the question can a selfish person love is most certainly no except when such show of love is for another selfish gain which is not love.

Selfishness or rather selfish love is not a property of a particular gender. Men can exhibit selfish love likewise women.

The main major characteristic of a selfish person is that directly or indirectly, the person makes him or herself the center of the love affair.

This answers the question what are the characteristics of a selfish person?

Enduring Love (Pragma)

Enduring love also known as pragmatic love is love that picks the green side of a relationship or love and works extensively on it in other to develop it and make it surpass the dark side in value and worth.

The green sides of interest are:

  1. Beautiful body structure
  2. Good sexual performance
  3. Having good cooking ability
  4. Having good intellectual ability
  5. Having exceptional integrity.
  6. Many other common factors of interest.

This is the type of love that exists between royal bloods which usually forms the basis of marriage between them. This is a refined selfish love…love of interest.

The above answers completely the question what does pragma love mean? and what is enduring love?

Play Love (Ludus)

This is when love is seen as chess or any other game in which the parties involved are struggling for the one with authority and upper hand in the game.

It is a love game too where all that happens in it is considered as a thing of the moment. In this type of love, what you gained is what the moment mutually offered to both parties involved.

Anyone taking the moment serious between the two parties is doing that at his or her own risk because one party usually moves on leaving the other either mutually fulfilled or crushed.

Either way it is always a play and a one night thing or crush.

This answers the question what type of love is ludus love? and what is playful love?

Agape love (Unconditional / Godly Love)

Agape love is defined as God’s love. His unconditional and sacrificial love for all mankind – both the good and the bad.

Gospel of St. john 3:16 says:

…God so loves the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

This is not just a love but an expectation and a teaching to the entire universe on how to love.

  1. Loving with our best
  2. Loving when it pains
  3. Loving with the last thing we have
  4. Loving without expecting this back.

This answers the question does agape mean unconditional love?

…now the concept of love poems

There are three things that make love poems to be complete.

  1. The heart that sings or is singing the love poems.
  2. The lyrics (the words of the love poems)
  3. The rhythm (the sound of music of the love poems)

Let’s take a leaf from the book of Solomon in the Bible:

Love poems one:

Shower me with kisses of your mouth

Your love is more delicious than wine

Your oil smells sweeter than any perfume

Your name spreads out like balm

No wonder the maiden longs for you

Lure me to you, let us fly!

Bring me, o king into your room

And be our joy, our excitement.

We will praise your caresses more than wine

How rightly are you loved

Song of songs 1 verses 1 – 4

Love poems one portrays two important things:

  1. Companionship
  2. Attraction

This means that love poems can bring attraction to where there is love gap and companionship to lost love.

Love poems two:

As an apple tree in a forest,

So is my lover among men.

I sought his shade, there I sat

His fruit is sweet to my taste.

He has taken me to the wine store

His banner over me reads: “Love”

Oh straighten me with raisin cakes

Refresh me with apples,

For love makes me sick!

His left hand is under my head

His right arm embraces me.

Song of songs 2 verses 3 – 6

Love poems 2 portrays three important things:

  1. Praise
  2. Belief
  3. Provision

This means that love poems can bring belief in your loved one to be able to provide even when the situation is hopeless.

Provision at such times leads to adoration / praise which strengthens one to do more.

Love calculator can be employed if you want to be sure that our positions above are real.

Love poems can also serve as I love quote, love quotes for her, love quotes for him and


Love poems posses the power to settle a heavy heart, heal broken marriages and flatten all ancient relationship curves.

Your problem is not too difficult to heal. Try solving it with love poems.  Remember! God is love.

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