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love languages – the love quotes for him that makes him love you more

love languages – the love quotes for him that makes him love you more

love languages – these are sweat love messages, love proposal and words beautifully arranged for delivery or already delivered to someone we love dearly.

It is the written or the vocal expression of the love feel in our hearts towards someone we truly love.

For us to understand this properly, a discussion of love meaning will be needed.

Love (love meaning), simply put, is defined as packs of positive emotional feelings that is real (can be witnessed) and lives in one which is either meant for a divine being (God), self, another person (Family, Friends, fiancé, wife and kids), thing(s) or a nation.

Love is a position that can be better defined by practices than nice theory, beautiful preaching and sermons.

This means that feeling love is not enough without communicating love. If you have love and everything it takes to love but you are unable to communicate it then all you have amounts to nothing.

What makes love work is its communication which is what makes love to become a living thing.

Relationship worries due to lack of love languages:

  1. Many relationship are having desert experience because the parties involved does not know each other’s love language
  2. Some couples are living in the same roof but they are still lonely because they don’t practice love languages.
  3. During sex, some spouses pictures other persons in their minds while making love with their real partner because they are bodily present but not soul mates. From counseling, we noticed that the picture that comes alive in their heart during those times are the pictures of the one with their love languages.

The concept of love languages is for the enablement for ideal love communication.

love languages are basically five in numbers hence the reason for topics like

The 5 Love languages are:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Quantity and quality time
  3. Works of service
  4. Emotional Touch
  5. Gifts



Words of affirmation:

All acts of life have shown that words precede action. A man might feel like a love nest before a lady but without words, such act may be misunderstood. Words define acts.

This is where a man or a woman chooses the best words that fall in golden places on the spouse’s love language dictionary.

The aim is that each release of such words define love meaning, causes love sparks and finally makes the recipient to understand the concept of “I love you” being preached to him or her.


Words of affirmation usage:

Love that is only in the heart and unexpressed really serves no purpose and such love lacks work. There are some people that want to express love but they find it difficult because they don’t know:

  1. When to express it
  2. How to express love
  3. What to use in expressing love
  4. When to express love.

This page will discuss few love languages words of affirmation for those that lacks knowledge to learn.

i love you:

This is a direct first hand love expression for a person you love and cherish. It is more of a “me” to “you” thing.

It is meant to convey the direct content and the expression of the heart to the receiver.

This is used for a wife, a husband, a fiancée, a fiancé and such close relations.

  1. You can use it to give confidence to a wife, a husband, a fiancée, a fiancé and such close relations to assure such person that she or he is not alone in such trying time.
  2. It can serve the purpose of fanning the flame of your first love and thereby letting your lover know that your love for him or her is new every morning…nothing has changed.
  3. It can be used as a first time word for a man trying to win the heart of a lady for the first time. In such case, I love you is like an anthem.
  4. This is also used for God in prayers when you what to declared your love for Him.

This is the power of saying I love you.


love languages

love Languages of intertwined hearts


Love poems for him

These are arranged words in form of lyrics with or without the addition of rhythm designed for God, your husbands, your father, your brothers and a well loved suitor.

This when used, lifts the spirit and cure even what the eyes cannot see. For God, this is praise, worship and thanksgiving.

Husband quotes:

These are only words without lyrics very similar to love poems for him designed for husbands. This when used, lifts the spirit and cure even what the eyes cannot see.

The widows use this for God as their husband too. This is praise, worship and thanksgiving.

Romantic love quotes

These are only words without lyrics very similar to love poems for him designed for spouses under the eye of God. We mean married spouses.

This does not mean that it does not exist among other people other than spouses but we won’t support something that abuses love because love is sacred.

Romantic love quote allows you to tune your husband or you wife on with words capable of electrifying nerves. Romantic quotes make sex easy between couples.

This means that couples don’t need preaching, pleas and pretense to know each other beyond the coverage of the cloths when the right doses of romantic love quotes are there.

This where you hear words like love you to the moon and back, love me love me, various short love quotes,


sweet love message for her

These are arranged words in form of lyrics with or without the addition of rhythm designed for your wives, your sister and your fiancé.

Catholics uses it for Virgin Mary too.

For your wives, sisters and your fiancés, this proves to them how deep they are loved by the person saying it. In most cases it conveys the undiluted content of the heart to the receiver.

This when used, lifts the spirit and cure even what the eyes cannot see.

For Blessed Virgin Mary, the Catholics calls this hyperdulia.

love proposal

Most genuine love does not survive this stage because the most persons do not takes love proposal issues serious.

Love proposal must be taken very serious. The right words must be chose. We are not saying good words but right words. A word might be good but it is not right (suitable) which makes it to be out of purpose.

The love proposal message must agree with what the person likes, what your heart desires, your dreams and the future you hope to build with your spouse.

love sms:

This is tech based delivery of love languages and love messages using phones.

This a great tool of love communication because it does not just pass the message but it leaves the message with the receiver for future reference and consultation especially when one is in doubt of what one meant to him or her.

We will discuss thin in full later.


Quantity and quality time

This is the quality seconds, minutes and hours we spent with our loved ones.

The essence of time is that it gives the allowance we desire to be able to pass our love words or words of affirmation to our loved ones.

In its literal sense, the bigger the time, the better the communication but then time managers have proven that it doesn’t matter how big the time is.

What really matter is what you were able to achieve with a small time hence the concept of making a second to be a quality time.

One with a heart set to purpose will make someone feel bigger than mountains in seconds than someone who may possibly have all the times in the world.

This means that one must make the time one has to worth it no matter how small such time is is.

This is because there may not be a second time to make first impression.

Works of service

When time is guaranteed as described above, you assist your partner by rendering services, assisting her and put in services worthy of your:

  1. Gender
  2. Love and
  3. Other roles in the family


Emotional Touch:

This area is very sensitive. Some love doctors have suggested just “touch” while others suggested “physical touch”.

The above does not describe what we want to get home here. A touch is a touch. A touch could come from arguments, fights, unintentional and involuntary touch. Same is applied to physical touch.

The word physical shows that the touch is rather mechanical than romantic. This kind of touch does not define the purpose we want to set here.

We are not just talking about a passive touch but an active, soft and heart lifting touch which has purpose of lifting hearts and sending chills down the spine of the receiver. The touch speaks the love language that I am here for you.


Gifts represent a lot of things:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Appreciation
  4. Real love
  5. Favor desires

The scripture says that the gift of a man makes way for him and also brings him before might men. The summary is that gifts open doors.

A gift can turn the attention of love to you; it can inflame your love from zero degree to over 100 degree.

A gift simply speaks these love languages: “you are the thought in my heart while I was away”


love languages

love languages only gives birth to love



Love languages are very useful in relationships and it can solve a whole lot of relationship problems if it is well applied.

Just be humble about and go heal your home.

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