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create gmail account; women google tool for business growth

create gmail account; women google tool for business growth

create gmail account – This is defined as the owing or the process of owing a Google webmail application known as Gmail which is available in over 105 languages as a 3rd party create through the sign up process.


Gmail Origin:

Gmail came into play in the beginning of the first quarter of 2004 – the 1st day of April 2004 to be precise which 7 years after the existence of yahoo mail.

This month of this publication 13th April 2020 makes it a whole 16 whooping years of Gmail’s existence on planet earth.

gmail sign up

Gmail mother of all


Prior to this time, yahoo mail was the only major player in this field and they had little or irrelevant competitions.

On the above said date, Google lunched a mostly Java script based webmail application that housed over 1.5 billion user as at the end of 2018 which represent over 667% user base increment above what Yahoo mail currently has as its user base.

Currently Gmail is the leading webmail application on the face of the earth with no other trailing it with a good margin let alone matching its increasing pace.

…then the concept of create gmail account in especially in Nigeria.

From the above definition, we maintained that Gmail is a free Google webmail application allows one (3rd party) to create (sign up) and own his or her personalized email under the Gmail platform which the owner can access from anywhere with internet (Sign in or login) with his or her advised username and password.

This area sees to guiding one on how to login and access his or her mail.

Before we discuss sign in, it will be more beneficial if we discuss gmail sign up. This is key since no one can do sign in without first discussing gmail sign up.


Gmail sign up

Gmail is an open market with some many users currently and new users still signing up. The Gmail sign up is the major process on how to create gmail account .

create gmail account process is simply the application phase itself where a man or woman with the intention of owing a personalized 3rd party gmail makes her or his request visible by accessing Gmail Sign up menu, supply the needed information  and submit same which will prompt an email to be advised to the intended 3rd party.

create gmail account ; step by step:

The following are the process required for gmail sign up:

  1. Lunch google chrome.
  2. Type gmail sign up and submit by either pressing enter or by clicking on the search button.
  3. The page below will be opened.
  4. Input your first name
  5. Input your last name
  6. Choose your user name and put it in the space before (this can be any name or letters and words of your choice)
  7. You can use numbers, letters and periods
  8. There is also an option for one to use her or his current email instead if you don’t want new user name.
  9. Choose password and confirm the password in the spaces provided for each
  10. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters mixed with letters, numbers and symbols
  11. There is also an option for one to use her or his current password to old gmail password instead.
  12. Click on next and continue
  13. Input your phone number. This number is kept secret to the eyes of many. It serves as a security purpose.
  14. Provide an optional recovery email which only serves security purposes.
  15. Input date of birth and Gender too
  16. The phone number you sent will be verified by Google with a 6 digit number that will be sent to your phone. Type in the 6 digit in the verification code page and submit.
  17. Verify it and the email by the username you chose will be yours for instance:
  18. You can use ok google for more voice clarification before you proceed.

This answers the question of how can I create my new Gmail account?


gmail sign in

Gmail sign up an intro to sign in


Isn’t that easy with gmail.

…gmail login mail; the easiest way

Once this is done, signing into the gmail account thus created is the next thing. Recall that we defined sign in in our first paragraph.

Having done that we will go straight to process gmail login mail also known as gmail email login which is listed below:

  1. Lunch google chrome.
  2. Type gmail login mail and submit by either pressing enter or by clicking on the search button.
  3. A guide will be given to you. Click on Sign in to Gmail.
  4. It will bring a space for username and password.
  5. Put the username click on next. A new page will be displayed for password.
  6. Put the password you used during signing up process.
  7. Click on submit and this will take you straight to you gmail page.
  8. You can use ok google for more voice clarification before you proceed.

The above is a complete process of on how I can login to my gmail account which equally answers the question of how do I sign in to Gmail?; how do I check my Gmail account? and how do I login to my email account?

gmail sign in

sign in platform


Uses of Gmail (both sign up and gmail email login)

Gmail has the following uses:

  1. It allows the exchange of electronic information in a jiffy.
  2. It increases the delivery speed of correspondence that what one will obtain from the post offices.
  3. In situations where delivery of hard ware is involved, samples can be taken and delivered as software via Gmail.
  4. It gives the owner a view of having the world at his hand and the conviction of one getting to his destination just at the push of a button.
  5. It allows the storage of personal data in the draft area and reduces act of moving around with documents and credentials. When need for the document arises, just sign in and print.


create gmail account is very easy to do and access. The question is are you willing and ready.

Get on with us and get you vision, plans, motives, decisions and your energy activated on Gmail today.

It is a love package and you’ve got not only to like it but to love it.

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