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Contraceptives; Merit and Demerit on Billings Method of Ovulation practice

Contraceptives; Merit and Demerit on Billings Method of Ovulation practice

Contraceptives; its adoption over Billings Method of Ovulation practice

Contraceptives – By the way of definition, Contraceptives also known as Birth Control or Family Control are methods – both artificial and natural employed by men for situations where sexual intercourse is not intended for conception.

Recall that in one of our topics, we discussed Billings Method of Ovulation and its importance to pregnancy in women.

The topic Billings Method of Ovulation will help us in doing justice to the above topic which makes it very for you spare your time and read it and get more prepared to tap bountifully from this particular topic.



Birth Control – Combined Pills


This now takes us to the first discuss on the topic:

What are Contraceptives used for?

Contraceptives are generally used for inhibiting pregnancies but the question on why the inhibition is necessary remains inevitable.

From the point of practice, the inhibitions are used basically for the followings reasons:

  1. Prevention of Pregnancy on patients and woman with health risks on pregnancy issues cum pregnancy related issues.
  2. To inhibit pregnancy on old and elderly women that has reached menopause but are still fertile and can still conceive.
  3. To inhibit pregnancy on women whose finances could not afford the welfare of feeding many children.
  4. To inhibit pregnancy of women who has academic works that pregnancy could affect adversely.
  5. To inhibit pregnancy on couples that have decided against pregnancy due to some challenges they are facing.
  6. To inhibit pregnancies on for couples that agreed before they got married that having kids is not a responsibility to be entertained in such marriage.
  7. To inhibit pregnancy on women that has had their fill of the number of children they want which makes additional child to be termed unwanted.
  8. To ensure that as unwanted pregnancies are cut off, abortions due to these unwanted pregnancies will be reduced too.

Simply put, the inhibition due to the use of Contraceptives also known as Birth Control or Family Control is designed to cut off Conception completely and increase Companionship.

The above also answers fully the question what is the purpose of a contraceptive?



Birth Control – Different types


From the above, we now go to the next on the above topic which is:

What are the different types of Contraception?

Before we delve into this, it will be highly necessary to let you know that the question what are the different types of Contraception? holds other forms of appearances and presentations on this topic which includes – Contraceptives Methods; types of Contraception; what are 5 methods of Birth Control? but we want to go by this which says what are the different types of Contraception?

Contraceptives also known as Birth Control or Family Control holds these major methods and types of implementation:

  1. Intra Uterine Device
  2. Diaphragm
  3. Condoms (Male and Female)
  4. Oral Contraceptives (Drugs and Pills)
  5. Contraceptive Patch
  6. Contraceptive Implants
  7. Contraceptive Ring
  8. Contraceptive Injections
  9. Depo Provera

Intra Uterine Device

This is a contraceptive, birth control and family planning device often implanted in the uterus of a woman to prevent conception.

Most of this IUDs are copper based while others use hormonal based Intra Uterine Devices as contraceptives.

The Intra Uterine Devices works this way to achieve its intent and purposes:

  1. They are generally referred as spermicidal. By being spermicidal, we mean that the work against the wellbeing of sperms in the body of a woman.
  2. Copper being an element is not good to sperms. Whenever sperm is in copper induced environment, the copper reduces the sperm’s movement otherwise known as its motility.
  3. This causes the death of the sperm sell finally.
  4. Should the sperm find its way to the ovary against all these mitigations, the copper Intra Uterine Device fights the newly formed fetus.
  5. This fight which is simply the making of the environment to be unfriendly and un-conducive to the fetus first by the “T” shape of the copper Intra Uterine Device tends to prevent the movement of the fetus from the fallopian tube to the uterus.
  6. When this movement of the fetus from the fallopian tube to the uterus is stopped then implant of the fetus on the walls of the Uterus will not be achieved.
  7. This simply means that this Intra Uterine Device impedes Fetus Blatocyst.
  8. By this, it is clearly reveals why religious institutions hate this because it leads to the death of the fetus. The church also considers this to be artificial means of Birth Control and family planning.
  9. This, in the sight of the church, is an abortion.
  10. History has it that whenever the Intra Uterine Device is unable to stop fertilization and implant which sometimes is the case, the Intra Uterine Device is generally said to have failed its purpose of implant.



Diaphragm as a contraceptives or a means of Birth Control and family Planning is a spermicide or rather a sperm collector inserted in the cervix before sex.

Just like other Spermicides, its aim is to ensure that the sperm is denied access to the ovary, weakened so that its motility will stop and finally dies off.

In some cases the Diaphragm serves as a collector of sperms and spermicide which weakens the sperm and eventually cause it to die off.

This starts with reduced viability and motility and eventually its death. The dead sperm is then passed off with urine during urine excretion.

Religious institutions hate this because they consider this to be artificial means of Birth Control and family planning.

The Catholic Church teaches against this in case you are a catholic.


Condom (Male and Female)

Condom is a rubber glove worn on penis for men and vagina for women such that ejaculated sperm will be trapped inside it without getting into the woman.

When the condom is worn around the penis then it is called Male condom while if it is worn of the vagina then it will be called female condom.

While using condom, caution must not be thrown away especially during Orgasm. At this stage, people experience their best moment of sex.

This leads to forceful thrusts which in some occasions make the condom to burst and once this happens, the ejaculated sperm will be emptied into the body of the woman.

Conception is very possible for a woman in unsafe period once this happens.

The Catholic Church teaches against this in case you are a catholic.


Oral Contraceptives (Drugs and Pills)

These are drugs that that alters a woman’s menstruation cycle in other to prevent pregnancy. These drugs are also known as combined contraceptive pill.

Some also call it Family Planning pill or birth Control Pill. These drugs are taken orally by the concerned woman.

The name combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (COCP) came from the fact that the drug is usually a combination of Progestin (a known Progestogen) and Enthinylestradiol (a known Estrogen).

Although this may have it benefits which includes low mortality rate and reduced risk of ovarian cancer, these pills make women to add weight and experience heavy menstruation flow.

The Catholic Church teaches against this in case you are a catholic.

Contraceptive Patch

This is a patch which looks like a plaster. This plaster-like patch is placed or placed on the skin from where it releases its contents – Estrogen and Progestogen –  into the body system of the woman.

This practically stops pregnancy. Although this was first use in 2002, it has not been confirmed to make be making women to add weight.

The Catholic Church teaches against this in case you are a catholic.


Contraceptive Implants

These are small sized metallic or plastic material filled Estrogen and Progestogen which is inserted into the body of women for pregnancy inhibition.

They are placed underneath the skin of a woman’s arm and it can be removed when the use is no longer required.

These hormones it contains are periodically released into the body to stop pregnancy.

This type of implant can cause injuries and infection in the area of implant.

Finally this type of contraceptives makes women to add weight.

The Catholic Church teaches against this in case you are a catholic.


Contraceptive Ring

Contraceptive ring which is also known as Vaginal Ring is a plastic but flexible and transparent birth control ring inserted in the vagina from where it secrets Progestogen and Estrogen.

This stops the ovaries from releasing eggs.


Contraceptive Injections

As its name implies, contraceptive injection is an injection that prevents the egg from releasing its egg.

It contains either Progestogen only or Estrogen or both as the case may be.

Once administered, it prevents the ovaries from releasing egg. It also makes the cervical mucus to have high viscosity by becoming thick.

The administration came be once a month or once quarterly as the case may be a good example is Depo Provera which contains Medroxy Progesterone Acetate.

It is also called Depo Shot or DMPA



Birth Control – Contraceptive Injection



Contraceptives serves certain personal purposes purposes – both the good, the bad and the ugly but we advise that abuse should never take away use.

Although we believe that contraceptives could find a justified purpose, it is important to note that RTWI purely stand against any after fertilization contraceptive.

By this we mean contraceptives that failed to stop sperm from fertilizing the egg but rather kill or destroy the formed fetus.

This is abortion because that fetus is a complete human being with right to life.

No matter your justification for using contraceptives; please first think life.

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